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Q : How much should I pay up front in order to book the room?

A : If you want to book the room before signing the contract, you can deposit 3000-5000 THB to reserve the room but in the case that you cancel the reservation, the company holds the right to keep the deposit.

Q : What other monthly fees are there? 

A : Required monthly payments : rental costs, water utility bill, electric utility bill

     Additional and optional monthly payments : parking fees, internet billing, TV rental, refrigerator rental

Q : When can I survey the room if I am interested?

A : Our office opens 9.00-18.00 every day except for Thai holidays. For certainty of our open hours, please call 02-332-4890 for room availability. 

Q : How much is the down payment?

A : The down payment will include a deposit of one month worth of rent, the current month's rent, and a future month's rent. Total down payment is three months worth of rent.   

Q : How much are the water and electric utility bills?

A : Water utility bill: 18 THB per unit + a service charge of 2 THB per unit = 20 THB in total

     Electric utility bill: 5 THB per unit + a service charge of 3 THB per unit = 8 THB in total

Q : Is there parking space available?

A : Our apartment has parking space available for rent for 600 THB per month. 

Q : Are there swimming pools and a fitness gym available?

A : Our apartment does not have these facilities, but nearby are many places that have Muay Thai, yoga classes, and fitness centres.

Q : Is there laundry service? 

A : We have a laundry service, coin operated washing machines, and drying machines. 

Q : How much does it cost to take a motorcycle taxi from BTS Onnut to the apartment?

A : It will cost 10 THB if rented from Tesco Lotus Onnut. Tell the driver to take you to "Golden House."

Q : Are pets allowed?

A : No pets are allowed. 

Q : Is there any hot water for showers?

A : Yes

Q : Are there air conditioners available?

A : Yes

Q : Is there a security system in place and what does it include?

A : A finger scan is required to enter the apartment, security cameras are operating on every floor, and a security guard is keeping watch 24/7. 

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